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Designation: Remote Support Engineer – Cloud and End User

Spektra Systems is seeking an experienced Systems Engineer who possesses a passion for people and for emerging technologies. You likely have a home lab where you play with new tech and have a passion to solve problems.

“If you’re a good remote support and end user support engineer, We’ll help you become an expert on Microsoft Cloud”


•  Provide Technical Support to US Customers for Office365, User management, and End User Support.

  • Provide End user support for Windows 10, Office, One Drive, Office 365 and related technologies.

•  Perform and maintain user provisioning and de-provisioning tasks.

•  Learn the latest Microsoft Cloud technologies and provide solutions with using latest technologies.

•  Learn Ticket management tools, internal/external communication and processes to deliver top quality service.

•  Analyze, identify, and remediate issues within client infrastructures.

•  Windows Server Management and Monitoring

•  Preserve and grow your knowledge of help desk procedures, products, and services by pursuing continuing education both inside and outside of work to maintain professional expertise.

General Requirements

•  At least 1 year of experience working in a remote support environment.

•  Experience with ticketing and time tracking procedures.

•  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

•  Relentless client-focus, and ability to consistently deliver high-quality customer service.

•  Adherence to workflow best practices: attention to detail, thoroughness, and follow-through.

•  Ability to accurately schedule and effectively balance multiple short and long-term project work for timely completion.

•  Ability to work autonomously and with other members of the technical and operations teams.

  • Must be willing to work on full night shift schedule

Technologies you’ll be working with:

• Windows 10 Client Operating Systems

  • Office 365 Applications and Services, One Drive, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams etc

•  Windows Server Management, Update Mangement.

•  Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

•  Azure Active Directory

•  Virtualization and Cloud Server Monitoring and Management

Please send out profiles to careers@spektrasystems.com.

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Nov 2018
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